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Golden Fuel Systems Installer and Dealer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in Golden Fuel Systems.  We are always interested in adding new dealers/ installers for our products.  The following information will give you an overview of what we are looking for, and what you can expect from GFS.

What we are looking for
1. We are looking for individuals and organizations who are highly motivated and passionate about SVO.
2. Installers who can think outside the box, and problem solve. Just because someone has worked on diesels their whole life doesn’t make them a great installer. I have seen instances where it was harder to un-train people than train them!
3. Great people skills. We need installers who will spend the time necessary to ensure the customer is happy and taken care of. Its all about service.
4. You must use our product and be familiar with running SVO. You have to be able to tell the customer you use it.

What we are not looking for
1. We are not looking for resellers only. You need to have a location for people to come and get an install and service. We have a referral program for those who just want to sell the systems.
2. People who want to be dealers just to get a discount. If you and your friends want a discount for multiple units, we can talk, but that doesn’t qualify you as dealer material.
3. Middle men. Again, I am happy to work with you on referral fees etc. but just promoting without installing and servicing doesn’t qualify.
4. Business owners that push the work to an unwilling employee. No matter how well you like the idea, if the installer doesn’t have skin in the game and is excited about it, it is doomed from the start.

What you can expect from GFS
1. Continued innovation
2. Quality products.
3. Up to date technical information.
4. Access to over a decade of experience
5. Unmatched name recognition and brand loyalty
6. Great exposure on our website and marketing programs.

If you’re interested in becoming an authorized Golden Fuel Systems dealer, please contact us for more information.

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