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Customer Testimonial

My wife and I went to southern Missouri to have our 1999 Mack diesel truck converted to run on used vegetable oil. My wife was very apprehensive about trying this on our expensive truck as it is our only means of income. When we arrived, Charlie and Perry were ready for us and explained the procedure. They made us feel very comfortable with what they were going to do, explaining things as they worked. They are pleasant men to be around and they work well together. Most of my wife's fears were put to rest. We have put over 11,000 miles on the truck since the change over and are well pleased with using waste veggie oil to fuel my truck. It has been a scramble each week to come up with the needed oil but we are developing a network of restaurants to meet the 370 gallons a week we are aiming for. side note: Ray reports that in 2004 alone he has traveled 117,200 miles, has burned 9,710 Gal. of Diesel and 11,352 Gal. of Veggie Oil for an average of 5.56 mpg.
Ray Hudson