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Golden Fuel Systems offers professional installations of our systems on most diesel engines

For those who don’t have the time or inclination to install their Golden Fuel System we offer professional installations.  With several installation locations around the world and a mobile installation option you can insure that your system is installed quickly and correctly so you can start saving money even quicker.  Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and start saving money right away!

Installation Fee: $1,500

This fee is in addition to the cost of your Golden Fuel System. We will complete a test drive with you and go through the components on the vehicle so you are comfortable operating it. Most of our customers earn this investment back within 6 months or less. The more you drive, the more you save and having the installation done correctly the first time is the best investment you can make for your driving security and positive SVO experience.

Installation Fee For Ford Excursion: $1,700

Ford Excursion installs require mounting a tank under your vehicle and extra modifications.  Due to the added complexity this install takes extra time to complete.

Integrated One Shot an Additional $200

The Integrated One Shot system includes the installation of a second tank, pump, filter and additional components to allow gathering and filtering oil on the road.  Due to the added features and complexity, these systems require extra time to complete.

To insure you’re gathering and filtering your oil properly before committing to an SVO conversion, you may want to view our Liquid Gold 2 DVD sold on our website.

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Installation Locations

Mobile Installation (Your Back Yard)
Hokkaido, Japan (Hokkaido, Japan)
American Green Fuels (Houston, TX
Full Circle Fuels (Hudson, NY)
Full Circle Fuels (Oberlin, OH)
Green My Fleet (Tampa, FL)

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Customer Testimonial

After watching fuel prices reach $2.69 here in the southwest I finally had enough! I ordered up a Greasel conversion kit for our 1985 MBZ 300D Turbo and had it installed in an afternoon. (It took more time to purge the air than most of the installation!) The new 3B hose makes about the most professional installation you can get, and the Racor 660 filter/heater jacket has been working without a problem, even on some of our 35 degree mornings. Everything I needed was in the installation kit... Our 'soy farm' (2- 55 gallon black drums with barrel pumps) is full and I have 20 'jugged' gallons on the shelf to boot. We recently went to the Grand Canyon from here in Phoenix and made the trip up & back never stopping for fuel! Even my wife, who is not a motor-head, drives with a grin now... Why we are getting lobbied into buying middle-east oil and drilling new wells is a real crime. America could be totally independent using renewable oils grown by our own farmers right on our own soil. Diesels being built today are powerful, smooth and fast and instead of building more gasoline engines we could be putting cleaner next generation green-oil cars on the road. (I have a business park with 14 petroleum oil fired heaters back in Upstate New York and filtered WVO is lighter, and burns without soot...) By the way, I have chosen to not start on diesel, (I never want to buy another gallon), and switch to WVO when temps are up. We live in a temperate to warm climate and most of the year the ambient oil temps will be in the 90's. This time of year with temps that dip into the high 30's we still start easily on straight WVO. I'm told this can damage injector pump mirror surfaces and carbon cylinders... I'll let you know as time goes on! (Our MBZ has just turned 200K and runs better on WVO than diesel).
Steve Heyer, Sr., Mesa, AZ