Golden Fuel Systems Warranty, Policy, and Procedures

Below you will find our warranty policies and procedures. To file a warranty claim, you must first contact Golden Fuel Systems to inform us of your warranty issue. If the issue has been confirmed by Golden Fuel Systems, an authorization code will be given and the following form must be filled out. When shipping your warrantied item back to our facility, be sure to include the completed warranty form with the authorization code along with a copy of your original purchase receipt.

1. Warranty Terms and Conditions

1.1. Golden Fuel System Products are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. Steel Tanks, Coolant Fed Heat Exchangers, Fuel Hoses, Coolant Hoses, Racor Filters (not replacement elements) and brass and poly plumbing fittings are covered by a full one (1) year period from date of purchase. This warranty does not cover filter elements or filter bags. Trekker Tanks have a Lifetime warranty. The GV10 valves have a one (1) year warranty on valve body.  (Warranty covers the valve body. The warranty does not cover cross threading of the ports, or the o-rings and gaskets. Rebuild kits sold separately.)

1.2. During the warranty period the product will be repaired or replaced by Golden Fuel Systems one time, at no charge as long as the unit has not suffered accidental damage, abuse, abnormal wear and tear, or misapplication. Such damage will be repaired at the purchaser’s expense including any related shipping and replacement goods cost. GFS Charges $75.00 per shop hour and $30.00 for the first half an hour diagnosis. If the issue is deemed a warranty issue, the diagnosis fee will be waived. We will present a written quote for any proposed repairs before any attempts are made.

1.3. Golden Fuel Systems will require that the merchandise be returned for inspection and testing prior to shipping a new replacement. If a new part is requested by the customer prior to GFS receiving the warranty item, the customer will be responsible for the cost of the new item and related shipping. If the item being returned is found to be defective, GFS will refund the cost of the new item and shipping upon confirmation.

1.4. The warranty extends to the original purchaser only. It is not transferable to anyone who subsequently purchases Golden Fuel System products from you. Golden Fuel System is not liable for damages to products inflicted by any work performed by an uncertified dealer. Please contact the original dealer of the equipment to diagnose any issues.

2. Maintenance and Operation Warning

2.1. Crankcase Polymerization is a potential risk when running vegetable oil as fuel regardless of the type of conversion product you choose. Crankcase polymerization occurs when vegetable oil fuel is mixed with the engines petroleum based motor oil inside the crank case. If oil changes are neglected, the engine is not broke in, or there is a mechanical issue with the engine where there are high amounts of contamination, A chemical reaction can occur between the two fluids. This reaction results in the engine oil setting up like Jell-O. It generally will happen over night. You will be driving one day, go and try to start the engine the next day, and you will have no oil pressure, and it will be solid. Resulting in catastrophic engine damage.

To avoid the risk of polymerization and prolong your engine life it is very important to follow the manufacturers’ recommendations for standard maintenance. While this is true regardless of the fuel type you are using, it is especially important with Vegetable oil based fuels. Neglect to perform regular service and inspections on your diesel vehicle can have disastrous consequences. Regardless of vehicle age, it is a good idea to change all the filters and the engine oil every 3 thousand miles or as needed. Typical problems with crankcase polymerization occur after missing two to three oil changes in a row or habitually starting and stopping on vegetable oil fuel instead of diesel. There are also situations where a component failure in the engine will allow high contamination. If you ever see your oil level growing it is a huge red flag. Change your oil immediately before the engine cools, and find the problem right away.

Golden Fuel Systems products are designed to run with clean, water-free oil. Vegetable oil doesn’t harm a diesel engine, but water and dirt can. The premium RACOR brand filters that are included with our systems and the filter that the manufacturer installed on the vehicle are the best products available to protect your engine from impurities and debris. They do a great job of filtering out residual impurities and the RACOR Aqua Bloc filter elements will even strip out SMALL trace, amounts of water, however, these filters are designed to be the last line of defense. They are not magic. Using these filters as the only purification for your fuel is a mistake and could introduce harmful contaminants into your engine causing damage to your engine and its major components. Improper use can overwhelm the filters and introduce impurities into the engine.

Golden Fuel Systems products have been installed successfully on thousands of vehicles and run in a variety of climates worldwide. However, Vegetable oil based Biofuels is still considered experimental. By purchasing and using GFS products, you are taking the responsibility for your own vehicle and willingly participating in your own Biofuels experiment. You acknowledge that the risk and results of the experiment are yours alone.

When you purchase and install a system from Golden Fuel Systems, you are taking the responsibility to put good oil in the tank. That is your responsibility and yours alone. We have the DVD “Liquid Gold” for instruction on proper oil gathering and filtering techniques. Also, your dealer can be a great resource on learning how to filter properly and protect your investment. Be sure you understand how to process your fuel before you start using oil.

2.2. Limitation of Liability

In no event shall Golden Fuel System, Inc. be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, consequential or any other damages or costs that result from the use of, or inability to use, the information, materials or products purchased from Golden Fuel Systems, Inc.

We only warranty components we sell, as laid out in these terms. No other warranty is expressed or implied. We specifically DO NOT warranty engines or fuel systems.

Further, Golden Fuel Systems shall have no liability or responsibility for any delay in the delivery, installation or use of the products, as well as the service life of the products, performance, applicability for the use intended, proper installation, or the accuracy of information provided.

2.3. Product Legality

Golden Fuel Systems does not guarantee the legality of use or installation of any item we sell in your governed area. It is your responsibility to determine the laws governing your area.

3. Warranty Administration Policy

3.1. Warranty Eligibility

If a GFS product fails in such a way that is consistent with the terms and conditions of the expressed GFS warranty, then it is eligible for replacement by GFS. The term of the warranty begins the day product is purchased from GFS or an authorized GFS dealer. The product must not be a discontinued item at the time of sale to be eligible.

3.2. Warranty Part Return Policy

Warranty returns must be preapproved by GFS through the use of a warranty claim form. By submitting a warranty claim form to GFS by email or fax, a corresponding RMA number will be issued to the customer on a Credit Memo. This RMA number must be labeled clearly on the container or bill of lading when the package is returned to GFS. Warranty parts must be delivered to GFS for inspection and processing within 7 days of the RMA authorization to be eligible for credit. Incomplete or illegible claim forms will not be accepted.

3.3. Warranty Review and Replacement process

Once an approved warranty return arrives at GFS with proper RMA label it will be inspected by a GFS R&D member to determine the point of failure. The R&D team will notify the purchaser or dealer of the failure point and eligibility for replacement within a week of its arrival. The notification will come on a Credit Memo form that will acknowledge the failure and estimate the replacement time. Another unit will be shipped to the purchaser or dealer as soon as possible to replace the original.

4. Return Policy

4.1. General Unused Inventory Policy

All returns must have a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number issued by Golden Fuel Systems, Inc. clearly labeled on the container or bill of lading, a 15% restocking fee plus all shipping charges will be billed on any returned items less than 90 days old and not discontinued. Products older than 90 days or discontinued are ineligible for return. All products returned for credit must be in the original manufacturer container, unmarked, and unused. There are no returns of any custom ordered systems. Any returns arriving at our warehouse without an RMA number clearly displayed will be refused and returned to the sending address collect freight. The original Purchaser is the only person that may request a return for products.

4.2. Canceled Orders Policy

Canceled orders, excluding custom items which are pre paid and non-refundable, will not incur charges if the item(s) has not shipped. If the item(s) have already been shipped then it will incur charges as stated in the Returns terms and conditions mentioned above. All refused orders will be charged 50%, of the invoice amount penalty, restocking fee, and freight charge to return the item(s).

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