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I just want to start out by telling everyone these guys are the greatest.... In the fall of 2003 I saw a show about running diesels on veggie and i didn't believe it. When I did a search on WVO kept coming up. I must have read everything on their web site 12 times. Then one day I called Greasel and told them I drive 1000 miles every week what kind of truck should I buy? Charlie told me any diesel would work. So I looked around for a cheap truck. I found a 1982 Chevy for $200.00 and bought it. After getting a few things from greasel and calling a couple of times, it took me about 8 hours to convert. I had never owned a diesel before; didn't even know how they ran. I drove that truck around town for 1 month before I was convinced that diesel will run on WVO. Then i found a 1992 Ford f-250 (7.3) and bought it. After getting a 60 gal. tank and other parts from greasel, that truck took 4 hours to convert to veggie. I drove that 92 Ford 30,000 miles on veggie power before I saved enough money to buy a 1997 Ford f-250 (the great powerstroke). That truck took 2 1/2 hours and one phone call to Charlie to convert. I now have 3500 miles on Veggie with that truck and love it. Again These Guys ROCK!!!! Thank you very much Greasel for everything!!!!! P.S. I also bought a 10KW diesel Generator and run my house on Veggie.
(The Bird Guy) Brian Miller, Peoria, IL