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a few years ago we wanted to go to our daughters wedding in california and pull a 27 foot fifth wheel. we had just bought a ford diesel p/u to pull it with and were interested in vegetable oil as fuel for it as we already had a vw jetta which was converted. we did not have much time for the conversion of the p/u because the wedding was fast approuching. it seemed very expensive at the time to get the conversion done and to buy a "one shot", but we decided to go to springfield, mo and have golden fuel do it. they did it very quickly and efficiently, and we were very soon on the road to california and the wedding. we were able to find free veggie oil all the way there and back. a total of at least 5000 miles as i recall. diesel was around 4 dollars (or more) at the time. we did not buy a single gallon of diesel for the trip. we had diesel in the tank when we got home. was the conversion expensive? well we more than paid for it on that first trip. and since then, we've put well over 100,000 miles on the same truck using veg oil. we've saved around 14,000 dollars over the years since we bought that used 96 ford. way more than we paid for the truck. and that's not counting another 100,000 miles on veg oil with our cars (an 86 jetta and 82 mercedes). do we regret the money spent on conversions? i don't think so. has our engine "blown up" from using straight veg oil. nope, still running just fine. we've saved thousands of dollars for very very little work at filtering our oil from a couple of restaurants in town. i earn about 100 dollars an hour in fuel savings from collecting and filtering our fuel. a nice hobby. thank you charles anderson and the old crew in springfield. the return on our conversion investment(s) has been in the very high double digits annually for all these years. are we happy? yes. did we make a good descision? it seems so. charles anderson is honest and knows his business as well as anyone on the planet. if you are considering this golden fuel deal, i say do it.
Nichael and Judy Carman, Lawrence, Kansas