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Hi Charles, Thanks for the advice on the phone today ref slow filtering. I will give the quality of my oil a serious look-over. On another note: I just would like to say that y'all are doing a wonderful thing. It is good for the planet, good for the country, good for the morale of your customers. Every time I crank my car now a smile comes over my face. I feel so empowered to be able to step out of the "gas-system". Each time I turn the key, I imagine myself throwing the bird to the white-house and the oil companies. Something about that just makes me happy. I am a regular Greasel zealot around Charleston. I hope I have sent you some business. If there is ever anything I can do to help you just let me know. I know you are busy so the last thing I want is for you to feel a need to reply to this e-mail. I just wanted to say "Thank You" for all that you are doing. I know that running a business can be tough, but don't let it get you down. I am sure most of your customers are just as appreciative as I am. Yours truly,
Randy Holton

2 years ago I bought the 12.5 gallon kit for my VW Rabbit and I love it. I will soon purchase a 2005 dodge diesel and would like to know your install price for it. Thank you for making a great dependable system. It has saved me alot of money with my 1982 VW Rabbit!!!
Kevin Kinley, Carterville. IL

The car ran perfectly last night and this morning into work....Everyone at GFS provided great service! Sincerely,
R. Volmert , Saint Louis, MO

Dear G.F.S. Thank you for having the gathering (Golden Gathering '06), it was great. Thanks so much!
Michael 2006 Duramax

Dear Greasel, Thanks for the new truck!! With the last 106,000 miles on veggie, my trusted 266k, '93 1 ton 6.5td veggie chevy has been replaced with a, soon to be veggie converted, 126k '98 1 ton 6.5td Texas beauty. By my figures, running veggie saved me enough at the pumps to justify the new purchase. 106,000 miles @18mpg=5888 gals!!!! Yeah, 18mpg with a 1 ton dually!!! Again, thanks for all the help and...... the new truck!!
Chuck Reeves, Babcock, WI

I've been watching the three DVD's recently and once again mesmerized. Charles, you're amazing! You've inspired my friends and family. Thank you.
Patrick Phipps

I love Golden Fuel Systems...they have great customer service! I have a system and when things go wrong they are always there to help me figure it out. Can't wait to get another Diesel to have them convert! Charles Rocks!
Rita Hogan, Escanaba, Michigan

Hey Guys, Well, after a fair amount of time getting things just right, I'm about 100 miles on grease and loving every minute of it. I wanted to personally thank you both for all of your invaluable time and support on the phone during the whole process. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you were always willing to troubleshoot and figure things out with me on the phone even though I hadn't bought an entire system from you. You are a credit to the industry and I salute you both. Thanks a million,

Charles Anderson a great guy in my book. Hooked me up with some materials to use with my students (and a few other teachers). Hope to visit Golden Fuels this summer to have my Dodge Pickup setup to run on WVO! I hope his business continues to grow!
Chuck Manz, Page, Arizona

Hi Charlie, just a short note to give YOUR staff a big THANK YOU for getting my F-250 back running like a spinning top!
M. Fox, Kirksville, MO

Thank you soooooooooooooooooo MUCH!! The Nomad tank and SVO concept is so exciting and perfect! I am just calculating all the money I am saving with every mile I drive!! I was spending around $100 - $125 a week so you can just imagine how fast I will be getting my return on my investment!!! I can't say thank you enough! Saumya, thank you for the time you spent on the phone talking me through the diagrams! Golden Fuel Systems is awesome and I am going to tell the world about the SVO!!! I will send pics later this week of the happiest man I know. Kind regards,
Justin R.

Hey! Got my One Shot Filtration System on Friday and LOVE it. I have joined the ranks of the greasers, with an 85 Mercedes 300D with a conversion system, and an 83 300TD that runs the oil straight through the regular system. Both are performing flawlessly- because the oil I am putting in their tanks is beautiful, gold, and clean. Thanks for all your hard work!
Sam Buice, Savannah, GA

a few years ago we wanted to go to our daughters wedding in california and pull a 27 foot fifth wheel. we had just bought a ford diesel p/u to pull it with and were interested in vegetable oil as fuel for it as we already had a vw jetta which was converted. we did not have much time for the conversion of the p/u because the wedding was fast approuching. it seemed very expensive at the time to get the conversion done and to buy a "one shot", but we decided to go to springfield, mo and have golden fuel do it. they did it very quickly and efficiently, and we were very soon on the road to california and the wedding. we were able to find free veggie oil all the way there and back. a total of at least 5000 miles as i recall. diesel was around 4 dollars (or more) at the time. we did not buy a single gallon of diesel for the trip. we had diesel in the tank when we got home. was the conversion expensive? well we more than paid for it on that first trip. and since then, we've put well over 100,000 miles on the same truck using veg oil. we've saved around 14,000 dollars over the years since we bought that used 96 ford. way more than we paid for the truck. and that's not counting another 100,000 miles on veg oil with our cars (an 86 jetta and 82 mercedes). do we regret the money spent on conversions? i don't think so. has our engine "blown up" from using straight veg oil. nope, still running just fine. we've saved thousands of dollars for very very little work at filtering our oil from a couple of restaurants in town. i earn about 100 dollars an hour in fuel savings from collecting and filtering our fuel. a nice hobby. thank you charles anderson and the old crew in springfield. the return on our conversion investment(s) has been in the very high double digits annually for all these years. are we happy? yes. did we make a good descision? it seems so. charles anderson is honest and knows his business as well as anyone on the planet. if you are considering this golden fuel deal, i say do it.
Nichael and Judy Carman, Lawrence, Kansas

While driving in the high rocky mountains in our F350 with the GFS Nomad, the vehicle was getting around 16mpg. Now with the chip from GFS the truck is getting over 20mpg! The new shifting and performance is much improved.
Holland & Luna Duell, Colorado

I am loving this SVO system! I have done biodiesel thing and this has it beat hands down. I wish I would have gone this route years ago. Charles, thanks for making everything so personable. I figure to have my investment pay for itself within 18 months tops. All that's left to do is hook up our 5th wheel and go.
Preston, South Carolina

Well, I did call the office to talk about the [van] Aaken Box and threw every question in the book at GFS. They answered every question I had with extreme professionalism and a deep understanding of the subject. I was very impressed, so impressed that not only did I buy this Fuel programmer but I also purchased a Trekker for my '04 VW Jetta. Looking forward to doing business with your company. I appreciate the fact that people are looking for alternative means to power our vehicles and to gain energy independence from foreign oil. Thanks again,

I will try to write a complete report tonight, but for now, suffice to say the trip home was a magic carpet ride like I never experienced. The engine ran smoother & quieter than ever before, and mileage and performance were normal. There is a lot of excitement here already about this, and I believe there will be more kits ordered. I took the picture of me with the car, but I need to airbrush out the background or my wife will murder me.

Hi Charlie, The ride home to Ga. was great!, thanks for the "Right On!" analysis and work performed on my 6.0L yesterday in your shop. When all others failed to understand my vehicle's problems, Greasel was my last hope, and you knew exactly what to do! My only regrets were that I didn't let you work on it to start with, as I would have saved time and money, not to mention they gray hairs. I can now only recommend you and your staff for anyone thinking of a conversion. Hope to see you again sometime in the future. Best wishes,
Robert Shonerd

I would like to express our appreciation to all of you for your assistance in helping [make] this project a success. Your customer service and continued support were superior and made and continues to make the whole experience so much better. That's the reason we bought from you folks in the first place. Because you seem to really care about your customers. Thanks again!
Jerry and Chelsea H. 1984 E300D

Just collected my first batch of oil today! I don't have the kit or the truck yet but I gotta say, I never thought two five gallon buckets sittin in the garage would feel this much like independence.
Voshuta Ninjitsu Master, Vermillion, South Dakota

After watching fuel prices reach $2.69 here in the southwest I finally had enough! I ordered up a Greasel conversion kit for our 1985 MBZ 300D Turbo and had it installed in an afternoon. (It took more time to purge the air than most of the installation!) The new 3B hose makes about the most professional installation you can get, and the Racor 660 filter/heater jacket has been working without a problem, even on some of our 35 degree mornings. Everything I needed was in the installation kit... Our 'soy farm' (2- 55 gallon black drums with barrel pumps) is full and I have 20 'jugged' gallons on the shelf to boot. We recently went to the Grand Canyon from here in Phoenix and made the trip up & back never stopping for fuel! Even my wife, who is not a motor-head, drives with a grin now... Why we are getting lobbied into buying middle-east oil and drilling new wells is a real crime. America could be totally independent using renewable oils grown by our own farmers right on our own soil. Diesels being built today are powerful, smooth and fast and instead of building more gasoline engines we could be putting cleaner next generation green-oil cars on the road. (I have a business park with 14 petroleum oil fired heaters back in Upstate New York and filtered WVO is lighter, and burns without soot...) By the way, I have chosen to not start on diesel, (I never want to buy another gallon), and switch to WVO when temps are up. We live in a temperate to warm climate and most of the year the ambient oil temps will be in the 90's. This time of year with temps that dip into the high 30's we still start easily on straight WVO. I'm told this can damage injector pump mirror surfaces and carbon cylinders... I'll let you know as time goes on! (Our MBZ has just turned 200K and runs better on WVO than diesel).
Steve Heyer, Sr., Mesa, AZ

We bought the Golden Fuel system 4 years ago for my '96 F-250. We've had NO problems with the truck caused by the oil. 2 years ago we sold our last gas guzzler and bought another '96 Ford. We have been 100% veg oil for 18 months now! Thanks Golden Fuel.
Just Plumbing, Casa Grande, Arizona

It has been just over 3 weeks now and I just wanted to let you know how the use of WVO was going. I have log about 2800 miles since you and Pillard made the conversion to my F-250 truck. The trip back to Dallas was long and we made just one stop for a drive through dinner. We drove all but 30 miles of the 630 miles from your shop on veggie oil. I drove the "Beast" ( that is the name that my employees call my truck) hard and fast just to see what was in it. We noticed a change in power while going up and down the west side of the Ozarks. But to my surprise, the beast had MORE POWER. All of my employees that have drove it say the same thing. I am getting about 19.5 mpg on veggie vs 20 mpg on diesel. Not bad for free fuel. I am spending about $5.00 per 200-250 gal on filters and latex disposable gloves. I have also loaded down the truck with tile to see if there is any lost of power under a load. I mean a real load, close to 6000 lbs. in the bed. This is just unbelievable. No loss what so ever. I also want to thank you for sending the switch so expediently. I know that it was only a $2.00 switch, but I wanted to know how you would stand by your product before I started referring Greasel.com. By the way, I have given out every bumper sticker that you gave me and now have gone to writing the web address down on the back of my own cards. I am for the record, very happy that I chose Greasel.com for my truck conversion. I told you while I was up there that I was not a tree hugger but a mere business man trying to save a buck. I am recovering about $100.00 dollars a week by using the veggie oil. Not bad for someone who sent more than $4000.00 on diesel last year. So far since the conversion, I have spent about $10.00 (3 gal @ $1.33 pg). That is 2800 miles for $10.00. Not a bad return on my investment. Thanks again,
Lonnie M

It's been about 3 months since you converted our Jetta and we are very happy with it. We have only used one and one half tanks of diesel for 2000 miles+. Ironically, we don't drive much. With only a 16 mile round trip commute it's hard to use it all the time, but on a couple long road trips it has been great ! I had the oil changed at the local VW place and they have seen 4 or 5 conversions and they said yours was by far the most professional looking job. Thanks again and happy new year!
Mark M., Oxford, IA

Charlie Had a bit of fun with the emission guy in Idaho.. In Oregon they do not test diesel vehicles. In Idaho the will. So I decided to test my truck after running on grease all day. I didn't tell the guy that I was running grease, and I wanted to see what would happen. The look on his face was classic when he got the final results. In Idaho the allow 40 ( I guess its particles per million), The truck tested at 6.6.. Don't think he knew how to respond. He just said. "Man. that's good!!! Don't think you need to worry!!!" I just smiled and said thanks.. Made my weekend... Thanks,

I have been running your golden fuel system WVO kit on my 2000 Ford F250 for 2 years 90,000 miles now and love it thanks!Corey Stuart
Corey Stuart, Sunrise, Florida

To Charlie and everyone at Golden Fuels: We would like to thank you for allowing us to use your classified section of your website to list and sell our truck. We continue to enjoy the use of our other grease powered vehicle. We look forward to using your products and services in the future. Thanks again for everything!
Scott and Lori

We want to say thanks for the great service we (Michael and Judy) received from all of you last week. Our 96 ford p/u is running great on svo! Alex, you were wonderful. Saumya, you were just great! And John, you did the bulk of installation, and we thank you for a job very well done! We even met Charles (and wife and kids). Thanks Charles for talking to us and answering questions. You were great. Everyone was knowledgeable and answered all our questions. Everyone was uncommonly friendly and nice including, of course, Jean on the phone we cannot say enough good things about our experience in Springfield at Golden Fuel Systems. The product is great, and the service was even better. We are hoping your business thrives to no end!!! Sincerely,
Michael and Judy Carman

Hi Charlie and to Rocky, you installed my Nomad unit in May '05 of this year at your shop! Thank YOU It works great, from Kirksville MO to the Grand Tetons, on to Brownsville TX, Kansas City several times, Saint Louis the same and last many times to Des Moines! It is going back to Brownsville TX for spring break, my youngest and 3 friends, (would you or Rocky know why 4 collage age guys would be headed down on spring break to Brownsville) are going to take Greasel. The name that has stuck to my 4 dr F-250 around Kirksville.
Mike Fox

Thank you Charles it is great to drive 206 miles a day round trip and not have to pay $4.06 a gallon for diesel fuel. The check engine light has not come back on after I turned the pressure down on the veggie pump to 12psi thanks again
Sam Jackson, Woodland Park, Colorado

Dear Sir/Madam, I have received the replacement parts for my fuel system kit that you so graciously sent me under your warranty. I wish to thank you for your quick response to my problem and for the fast delivery of the parts, you guys have been great. Thank you,
Robert Engborg, Bunnell, FL

03 jetta TDI here.. over 100000 miles on veggie.. over 400 gallons on one One Shot filter..
Nick Spera

I just want to start out by telling everyone these guys are the greatest.... In the fall of 2003 I saw a show about running diesels on veggie and i didn't believe it. When I did a search on WVO Greasel.com kept coming up. I must have read everything on their web site 12 times. Then one day I called Greasel and told them I drive 1000 miles every week what kind of truck should I buy? Charlie told me any diesel would work. So I looked around for a cheap truck. I found a 1982 Chevy for $200.00 and bought it. After getting a few things from greasel and calling a couple of times, it took me about 8 hours to convert. I had never owned a diesel before; didn't even know how they ran. I drove that truck around town for 1 month before I was convinced that diesel will run on WVO. Then i found a 1992 Ford f-250 (7.3) and bought it. After getting a 60 gal. tank and other parts from greasel, that truck took 4 hours to convert to veggie. I drove that 92 Ford 30,000 miles on veggie power before I saved enough money to buy a 1997 Ford f-250 (the great powerstroke). That truck took 2 1/2 hours and one phone call to Charlie to convert. I now have 3500 miles on Veggie with that truck and love it. Again These Guys ROCK!!!! Thank you very much Greasel for everything!!!!! P.S. I also bought a 10KW diesel Generator and run my house on Veggie.
(The Bird Guy) Brian Miller, Peoria, IL

Golden Fuel Systems is awesome. I have use their products and have used their video's in my high school class. This is a wonderful company. I highly recommend them to everyone. Have a Merry Christmas.
Bart Allen, Herrin, Illinois

My wife and I went to southern Missouri to have our 1999 Mack diesel truck converted to run on used vegetable oil. My wife was very apprehensive about trying this on our expensive truck as it is our only means of income. When we arrived, Charlie and Perry were ready for us and explained the procedure. They made us feel very comfortable with what they were going to do, explaining things as they worked. They are pleasant men to be around and they work well together. Most of my wife's fears were put to rest. We have put over 11,000 miles on the truck since the change over and are well pleased with using waste veggie oil to fuel my truck. It has been a scramble each week to come up with the needed oil but we are developing a network of restaurants to meet the 370 gallons a week we are aiming for. side note: Ray reports that in 2004 alone he has traveled 117,200 miles, has burned 9,710 Gal. of Diesel and 11,352 Gal. of Veggie Oil for an average of 5.56 mpg.
Ray Hudson

Dear Mr. Anderson, I thought I would say our p/u is still running great on wvo w/ your conversion. Just another thank you to you and the great people at the shop. Remember you had the great info on changing the lift pump which cured the problem. I tell everyone about your conversions and company. You're the best. Sincerely,
M. Carman

I just wanted to thank you for all your help. Richard got the car all fixed up and we are running on grease. I really appreciate you all's willingness to help. You've been great to work with. I can't say enough good things about everyone at Golden Fuel. Thank you again,
Beth Smith, Napoleon, MO

Hello everyone at Greasel, Well we made it home without a hick-up and wanted to thank you again for the conversion. We scored a full tank of great grease at a Asian food restaurant. We drove the whole 1100+ miles home on grease! :) I will send a photo for you guys of our truck and Airstream, for future use if you should add picks to the web site. I have talked to three people who are set to do the conversion, one may have contacted you already, name is Brian Trego. If not he will be calling soon.
Shane Epperly

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Charles Anderson a great guy in my book. Hooked me up with some materials to use with my students (and a few other teachers). Hope to visit Golden Fuels this summer to have my Dodge Pickup setup to run on WVO! I hope his business continues to grow!
Chuck Manz, Page, Arizona