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Charles & Dawnette Anderson

Golden Fuel Systems Founder and president, Charles Anderson was born and raised in Alaska.  His early experiences in the Last Frontier helped to give him the background to start One of the first SVO companies in the world.

Before Starting Golden Fuel Systems Charles, was a Land Surveyor, and a Log home builder.  Also fluent in Japanese, he spent several years as a Japanese speaking tour guide, and worked in the medical industry as an interpreter.

Married with 4 children, Charles and his wife, Dawnette, enjoy spending time with their family and home schooling their children. He also enjoys sailing, and flying his paraplane.

One of his proudest moments,  “We were on a trip with the kids where we had to rent a car.  I had’t realized how much the veggie oil business had affected my kids.  When we pulled up to the gas station to put gasoline in the rental car,  (no one rents a diesel)  My kids looked around and asked, ‘Dad, What are we doing here?’.  They are so used to gathering our fuel from restaurants, they didn’t know what a filling station was.  It was a great moment.  Teach them while they are young.

History of Golden Fuel Systems

Charles Anderson

Although he didn’t realize it at the time, his childhood and early teen years were shaping and preparing him to become the leader in the SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil) industry. Over the many years spent tinkering with his grandfather on Diesel Engines in the garage his curiosity and respect for this often misunderstood engine grew.

Years later, after reading more extensively about Rudolf Diesel, Charles realized we were not living up to Mr. Rudolf’s original vision of using plant based fuels to power his newly invented engine. In fact, the original Diesel Engine was run on a variety of fuels, including pure Peanut Oil. Through further research Charles realized that the most well known Biofuel for the Diesel engine (Biodiesel) isn’t the only way to use vegetable oil in a diesel engine. Knowing there must be a more efficient method for burning plant based oils in a diesel engine, the mental gears started to turn. In the end, Charles concluded that modifying the engine once to be able to burn SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil) would be much more efficient in some cases, than modifying each gallon of vegetable oil into Biodiesel.

After much experimentation in the shop on his diesel Toyota pickup truck, Charles emerged with a functioning SVO fuel System. Charles realized that there were probably countless others who would love to get out of the petroleum cycle but have neither the time nor inclination to start from scratch. This realization was the birth of Golden Fuel Systems and like so many other great ideas, it started in the Garage. From those humble beginnings GFS has continued to evolve into the leader in the Global SVO community.

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