Snake Oil and Bad Deals

DSE Diesel Secret energy and other adatives:

If you take filtered veggie oil, mix some kerosene, gasoline and diesel with it, to thin it out, and then mix in a special bottle of liquid pixy dust, then of coarse the logical conclusion is that it is the pixy dust that will make it run in your engine!  Not.  Blending diesel with veggie and running it in warm weather can work in certain situations. I have experimented at length with blending, and never used the pixie dust.  I am not saying that DSE wont work in warm weather, I have talked to people who have run it without trouble in warm weather. But not having a secondary fuel system to switch back to when you clog a filter, or not having a thin enough mix and getting caught in the cold is a real possibility and concern.  The biggest thing to remember that it is not the pixie dust, or the 8oz bottle of DSE that makes it work.

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