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The subject of gathering and filtering Waste Veggie oil is a very important one. Once the vehicle is converted, putting good, clean, filtered oil in the tank is paramount. We always get the Question What does good oil look like? Where do I get it? How do I filter it? Although we can give some general info it is really a subject that needs to be approached visually. This is why we made the DVD Liquid Gold, it covers all you will need to know to go out and find good oil. We strongly suggest that you get this DVD if you are going to be gathering and using waste veggie oil as a fuel. It will save you from making a lot of the mistakes commonly made.

NEW! Liquid Gold 2 DVD available in our shopping cart.

Charles Anderson from Golden Fuel Systems shares the Do’s and Don’t’s of Gathering and using Waste Vegetable oil as a fuel. Perfect for anyone who is currently using, or planning on using Vegetable oil or Bio Diesel as a fuel!

These questions and more are answered on this DVD

• What makes good waste vegetable oil?
• How do I identify bad waste vegetable oil?
• When out gathering what do I look for?
• How does salt and sugar affect waste vegetable oil?
• How do I tell if there’s water in the oil?
• How do I filter the oil once it’s gathered?
• How do I filter in colder temperatures?

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