89 to early 98 Dodge Cummins 12 valve

The Cummins 5.9 is legendary for longevity. It is a rock solid engine. One of the things that make it so good is the straight 6 design. With the straight 6 design there are 7 main bearings on the crank, providing a very strong lower end on the engine. The Cummins is a great engine if you want to do allot of performance modifications to, because the strength of the design they can take the extra H.P. The 89 to 93 had a VE style injection pump that works fine with veggie oil.  The 94 to early 98 had the P7100 inline Injection pump which is one of the best injection pumps known to man.  89 to 98 were 12 Valve engines.  Any of these years are a good candidate for converting to SVO.

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