6.0 Liter Powerstroke

The 6.0, unfortunately, is not as reliable as its older brother the 7.3L. The overall concept of the injection system is the same, but the physical size of the unit injectors is much smaller, which led to catastrophic failure on diesel. The other problematic component that Ford added was an HFCM, or Horizontal Fuel Conditioning Module. This is located on the frame rail and consists of a pump that pulls fuel through the filter, a fuel heater, and a special valve that loops the return fuel when it is cold out, for the express purpose of heating the fuel. There were also numerous sensors and computers that had issues, as well. Some owners can run for extended periods without any issues and then there are some owners that are back at the dealership in less than 5K with major problems related to the injectors, HFCM or computer.

Mechanically, there is not an issue running veggie in this engine. The problem is the inherent computer glitches and the tendency for injector issues. We have converted quite a few 6.0L Powerstrokes with varying degrees of success. For some, there are no issues. However, for the majority of 6.0L owners running SVO, there have been the similar injector, HFCM and computer issues that occur when running just diesel. Warranty service is not guaranteed by the dealerships in that case.

We are continuing to test local vehicles to find the magic bullet. However, as the issues are not consistent, it is very difficult to pinpoint the exact formulation for SVO plumbing and components. GFS has spent thousands of dollars in an attempt to make the 6.0L a legitimate and reliable SVO vehicle. At this point, GFS cannot recommend purchasing or running SVO in a Ford 6.0L.

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