Surface area VS. Gunk

When there are undesirable bumpy chunk in your oil, it is imperative that they be stripped out of the oil before being introduced into your fuel system. We wont go into it in detail here, and there are a few variables, but to put it simply, how good a filter works can be put into a simple equation surface area VS. gunk.

Restriction because of a filter that is too small, or has clogged prematurely, can be a pain. Solution: Use a big filter, size does matter, especially with veggie oil. Your filter may have a 30 gpm flow rating, but no matter how hot the veggie you will still not realize that flow rate. We use the biggest filters in the industry. We have taken a few pictures of our filters next to filters sold by another SVO company.
















And our favorite








When burning a waste product, you will clog a filter at some point, how often is your choice.  Bigger filter element = More surface area to strip out more impurities.

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