Why Does GFS Use a 3 Valve Setup?

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Why Does GFS Use a 3 Valve Setup?

There are 3 criteria that are optimal in any SVO plumbing configuration.
1) Looped Return while running on vegetable oil.
– This slows down the draw from your tank, it’s easier on your lift pump and retains return fuel heat.

2) Purging vegetable oil back to the vegetable oil tank when shutting down on diesel.
– Although some small amounts of vegetable oil mixed with your diesel is not harmful, this feature insures no high concentration of vegetable oil will accumulate in your diesel tank.

3) When your SVO system is powered off, you’re running on diesel and in default position,  your fuel flow is in stock configuration (drawing from diesel tank, returning to diesel tank).
– This insures a quick recovery if you run your vegetable oil tank dry (that’s a no no) and makes it easier to isolate and trouble shoot.  With a 2 valve system or a 6 port valve you can only choose 2 of these options.

With our 3V valve set you achieve ultimate control over your fuel system.  Although a 3 valve setup is not standard with all SVO companies, it is a standard feature on all GFS fuel systems.  If you’re a DIY’er you can also purchase our 3V Tripple Valve Set.

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