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So much has changed at Golden Fuel Systems in the last few years and we decided it was time to give our site an update. We hope you enjoy the new layout and find the new information useful.  We’ll be posting to our blog on a regular basis on the latest in the SVO/Alternative energy world so be sure to check back again soon.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our various social networking sites!

And, if you haven’t checked out our latest components and for our systems, be sure to check our How it Works FAQ!

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Customer Testimonial

Charlie Had a bit of fun with the emission guy in Idaho.. In Oregon they do not test diesel vehicles. In Idaho the will. So I decided to test my truck after running on grease all day. I didn't tell the guy that I was running grease, and I wanted to see what would happen. The look on his face was classic when he got the final results. In Idaho the allow 40 ( I guess its particles per million), The truck tested at 6.6.. Don't think he knew how to respond. He just said. "Man. that's good!!! Don't think you need to worry!!!" I just smiled and said thanks.. Made my weekend... Thanks,