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So much has changed at Golden Fuel Systems in the last few years and we decided it was time to give our site an update. We hope you enjoy the new layout and find the new information useful.  We’ll be posting to our blog on a regular basis on the latest in the SVO/Alternative energy world so be sure to check back again soon.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our various social networking sites!

And, if you haven’t checked out our latest components and for our systems, be sure to check our How it Works FAQ!

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Customer Testimonial

I just want to start out by telling everyone these guys are the greatest.... In the fall of 2003 I saw a show about running diesels on veggie and i didn't believe it. When I did a search on WVO Greasel.com kept coming up. I must have read everything on their web site 12 times. Then one day I called Greasel and told them I drive 1000 miles every week what kind of truck should I buy? Charlie told me any diesel would work. So I looked around for a cheap truck. I found a 1982 Chevy for $200.00 and bought it. After getting a few things from greasel and calling a couple of times, it took me about 8 hours to convert. I had never owned a diesel before; didn't even know how they ran. I drove that truck around town for 1 month before I was convinced that diesel will run on WVO. Then i found a 1992 Ford f-250 (7.3) and bought it. After getting a 60 gal. tank and other parts from greasel, that truck took 4 hours to convert to veggie. I drove that 92 Ford 30,000 miles on veggie power before I saved enough money to buy a 1997 Ford f-250 (the great powerstroke). That truck took 2 1/2 hours and one phone call to Charlie to convert. I now have 3500 miles on Veggie with that truck and love it. Again These Guys ROCK!!!! Thank you very much Greasel for everything!!!!! P.S. I also bought a 10KW diesel Generator and run my house on Veggie.
(The Bird Guy) Brian Miller, Peoria, IL